Welcome to TimeOff...

So what's TimeOff all about?

TimeOff started with the idea of giving people that much needed time-off they need in today's busy society. You have certainly uttered a phrase along these lines: "I need some time-off!" And that's how the concept was born.

We operate in the vacation industry space and provide quality holiday accommodation at South Africa's top holiday resorts.

The best way to show our holiday goers what we are talking about is by sending them on a complimentary holiday and having them experience it first-hand!

We know that you will enjoy your stay and should you wish to make it an annual family tradition, we provide a membership based holiday product.

This will enable you and your family to enjoy quality time together, every year.

We offer a completely new holiday concept with the benefits of an annual getaway but with no long-term contracts. Just call us your holiday rental provider.

And if you don't want to join - well then, we are happy that you enjoyed your complimentary holiday and we hope that you reconsider our awesome service in the future.