TimeOff Consultation Terms and Conditions

1. Should you wish to obtain your own TimeOff Voucher, you need to agree to, and attend a one-on-one CONSULTATION, with one of our friendly and skilled experts.
Basically, all we require of you is a bit of time, to share VALUABLE AND BENEFICIAL information with you, just so you understand our new holiday product. In return, you will receive a Voucher for some WELL-DESERVED time-off, with your family and/or friends, to experience one of our Resorts firsthand.
2. The consultation will take place at one of TimeOff's Customer Service Centres. These Centres are located throughout South Africa. You need to visit the TimeOff website at www.timeoff.co.za to find a Centre that is in close proximity and make an appointment.
3. All consultation bookings will have to be made online by visiting and confirming your session at www.timeoff.co.za

When you are on the TimeOff Homepage, select the "I Want a TimeOff Voucher" tab and follow the three easy steps.
4. CRITERIA qualifying you to receive your TimeOff Voucher:
- You need to be above the age of 25 years.
- You need to present your Identity Document (ID) and a copy of your booking confirmation, which you will receive via e-mail, once you successfully secured your session booking.
- Your partner or spouse, whether you're in a committed relationship or married, must also be present and together with you at the consultation i.e. you both need to attend the consultation.


5. Once you have received your TimeOff Voucher, you need to revisit the TimeOff website to ACTIVATE and register the Voucher to your name, by completing your personal details.
6. Please note that your Voucher is not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
7. The TimeOff Voucher will qualify you to book ABSOLUTELY free accommodation for two adults and three children, under the age of 18 years; subject to the status of the Voucher and available dates as displayed on the TimeOff website.

A Refundable deposit is required at resort check-in.
Refundable deposit amounts are applicable to each unit occupied:
Caribbean Estates: R500
Uvongo River Resort: R500
Baywater Village Resort: R350
Monateng Safari Lodge: R350
Crystal Springs Resort: n/a
Ngwenya Lodge: n/a
Sudwala Lodge: R350
8. The TimeOff Voucher is intended for two principle partners in a committed relationship or marriage, together with their children. Unfortunately no additional adults will be allowed to share the Unit.
9. All Resort bookings have to be made online, on the TimeOff website at www.timeoff.co.za
Once you are on the TimeOff Homepage, please insert your unique Voucher number at the "I have a TimeOff Voucher" tab. Once you have successfully completed this first step, you will be able to successfully register your Voucher and allow you to complete all the steps required, to secure your accommodation.
10. On the TimeOff website, after you have activated your voucher, follow the further simple step-by-step instructions. These steps will guide you to a new page, where you will be able to a view a selection of exclusive Resorts, as well as Resort availability, and Unit sizes. From here you are able to secure your accommodation at the Resort of your choice. You will receive an OTP Pin per sms, to enable you to move to the next step – please refer to the end of point 9.
11. Please note that your Voucher will have to be activated within the first month of receiving it and all Resort bookings must be made in accordance with the relevant campaign and actual booking date expiry outlined.

12. Confirmed bookings may not be amended, rescheduled or cancelled. If an emergency, out of your control occurs, and you are forced to cancel and/or reschedule your current reservation, a TimeOff consultant must be contacted and sufficient PROOF must be given. You will be required to state your reason for the amendment or cancellation of your booking with the proof. Only then, once we have received your communication/reason and valid proof for cancellation and/or re-scheduling, will we be able to accommodate your request, and allow you to reinstate your reservation.
13. On the TimeOff website, accommodation availability at the various Resorts, displays six months in advance.
14. Accommodation is subject to availability and it is of importance to secure your reservation as soon as possible, as we operate on a "FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE BASIS".
15. Resort availability is in accordance with the status of the Voucher.
16. The type of Voucher you receive will determine when you will be able to visit. Please note whether you have received a Midweek or Weekend Voucher.
Check-in on Friday from 16:00
Check-out on Monday by 10:00

Check-in on Monday from 16:00
Check-out on Friday by 10:00


18. The voucher holder needs to inform a TimeOff Representative at info@timeoff.co.za if:
- They did not receive their confirmation per e-mail after they confirmed and successfully made a reservation at the chosen resort
- They did receive their confirmation but there are errors in terms of client details, resort, identity numbers or any other important information.
A TimeOff consultant will revert back to you with your new confirmation and will verify your booking status.
It is the voucher holder’s responsibility to ensure that the details on the confirmation is indeed accurate and correctly recorded, as they need to present a copy of their confirmation upon arrival at the resort.
19. A copy of your confirmation, your Identity Document (ID) and your TimeOff Voucher will have to be presented at the Resort Reception upon check-in.
20. All guests must sign the Resort INDEMNITY form and abide by the Resort Rules. Under no circumstances will overcrowding be allowed.

21. The use of this Voucher is at the participants OWN RISK and TimeOff bears no responsibility anywhere or at any time, for any loss, damage, harm or death suffered as a result of the participation in any TimeOff promotion.
22. Participation in the TimeOff campaign constitutes acceptance of the T's and C's, and participation automatically means the Voucher Holder agrees to abide by the T's and C's and Rules set out.
23. Voucher Holders authorise TimeOff to publish and/or distribute any details and take photographs without any liability incurred by or on behalf of TimeOff or any of its affiliates, employees or agents or any remuneration to the participant.
24. The Voucher Holder agrees to receive future TimeOff marketing information and promotional offers, by participating in the TimeOff campaign, until such time as they expressly state otherwise as provided for in the advertising media.